Yusuf Rahmadi

Yusuf Rahmadi

" I am not yet become a professional but I'm also not an amateur "

Personal Website
Yusuf Rahmadi
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Posted by Yusuf Rahmadi | 26/01/2016 19:45

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Hi, this website is my second version of My Personal Website. Purpose of this website are to tell the world about myself and as my portofolio site. A lot of things new about the website. In this website I still using Material Design and Laravel Framework Hope you can enjoy it. Thanks.

Kawal Proyek
Yusuf Rahmadi
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Posted by Yusuf Rahmadi | 26/01/2016 19:45

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Kawal Proyek was a web application which developed for joined Hackathon 3.0. Kawal Proyek built as purpose to help government to do open bidding for project and record every activity in project and the information will be published into public, so we hope with transparency every project held by government can be trusted with no corruption indication for each project. Kawal proyek will help government start from initiation of project,bidding,selection of vendor, status of project and generate its report.

Telkom Univeristy
Yusuf Rahmadi
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Posted by Yusuf Rahmadi | 26/01/2016 19:45

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Telkom University Store is an electronic marketplace in education environment. It was built as my final project to finish Bachelor Degree. In Telkom University Store there are two types of module which are freemium and premium.

A few Purpose of this marketplace are to help civitas academica to publish their product / works / open-project and other people could join to give their on contributions such as do reversioning. But there are also another option which is civitas academica could sell their on product / works / open-project. All moderation of content on website will be managed by moderator.

Yusuf Rahmadi

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Posted by Yusuf Rahmadi | 26/01/2016 19:45


Integrated Digitize Online Laboratories or well known as Indigolabs is a web application that build on purpose to help practicum to being held as online practicum.

Indigolabs also help stakeholder to collect practicum data / attendance report and many things to generated into reports.

Yusuf Rahmadi
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Posted by Yusuf Rahmadi | 26/01/2016 19:45

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Indsight is one of Nolimit's product which collecting data in social media about popular people. When I did internship there I've been assigned to make re-layouting and designing about prototype of Indsight V2.

I'm so sorry. This feature still is under development.

Education Background
Bachelor of Information System

Telkom University / 2011 - 2015


SMA NEGERI 1 CIREBON / 2008 - 2011


SMP NEGERI 1 CIREBON / 2005 - 2008


SDN KRAMAT 1 CIREBON / 1999 - 2005

Employement Experiences
PT Wira Pamungkas Pariwara

Executive Knowledge Management (Mindshare Unilever)
Mar 2016 - Now

PT Go Online Solusi

System Analyst
Oct 2015 - Dec 2015


Freelancer of Web Developer
Jun 2014 - Mar 2015


Front Developer Internship
Jun 2014 - Agu 2014